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Price and Battery Life For NGP to Be Revealed After Prototype Phase

January 31, 2011Written by Mike Hartnett

Ever since the unveiling of the portable masterpiece that will soon be the NGP, or rather PSP2, Sony has been noticeably quiet regarding the potential price of the device, as well as the estimated battery life. Now we know why.

In a recent interview with Japanese publication, Impress Watch, Kaz Hirai stated that the NGP, in its current form, is still just a prototype, and that there will be a solid price, as well as battery life estimate once the handheld has reached the final stages of production. He claims that the NGP will be priced in line with what we would expect, which probably means that it’s going to be cost between $250-$350, the same general range that the Nintendo 3DS falls into.

With the NGP set to release this Christmas, it would be reasonable to expect a price to be announced at E3. With various analysts offering differing views on the hardware’s price, only one thing is for sure – it won’t cost $599.

You can be sure that we’ll let you know the second we either anything regarding either the NGP’s pricing, or battery life. For all the latest news surrounding the NGP, be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle!