PS3 Dynamic Themes Enter the Third Dimension

March 2, 2011Written by Kishen Patel

In late 2009, PS3 firmware version 3.0 brought the addition of dynamic themes, themes that not only changed the XMB icons and wallpapers but added sounds and animations, along with more possibilities of interaction between the player and the user interface. Coming soon to the first 3D-gaming console is yet another improvement to the specially developed set of themes.

As discovered in a listing on the Hong Kong PlayStation Store, the successor to one of the most popular Dynamic Themes is getting released ready to be viewable in 3D for those of us with stereoscopic 3D televisions. As seen in the capture of the listing below, the description reads that the theme is “available as a 3D custom dynamic theme”.

Even though the listing is not seen on the PlayStation Stores of the other regions, it’s safe to assume that, while maybe not the same exact theme, 3D dynamic themes will soon make their way to PS3’s all over the world. If you dropped the cash for a 3D TV already, would you mind spending a few more dollars to get your XMB displaying in three dimensions? And is it just us or does Hong Kong get everything before we do? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.