Homefront Multiplayer Trailer Unleashed

March 4, 2011Written by Zak Islam

Publisher THQ has certainly gone to great lengths to hype and promote their soon-to-be-released shooter, Homefront. From saying it’ll be a direct competitor to the big players currently in the market to stating the shooter does things differently in the first-person shooter genre, the company is putting all its weight behind the title. Luckily for THQ, the tactic does appear to be working after it was recently revealed that the game has become their most pre-ordered title of all time. Now, one of the most intriguing aspects of the shooter – the multiplayer component – has received a new trailer showing off what it will offer.

While the game has a strong focus on a well-written single player campaign, developer Kaos Studios promises that the game’s multiplayer will be equally riveting. Check out the latest multiplayer trailer for Homefront below and see if you agree:

Homefront is currently scheduled for a release on March 15th.