Batman in Full Gear for Arkham City

March 6, 2011Written by Max Murray

GDC has given us plenty of new details for upcoming games, including bits about The Last GuardianDragon Age II and Infamous 2. Adding one more to the list, Rocksteady Studios, the group behind Batman: Arkham City, also made an appearance to deliver a highly sought after answer about the Bat’s previous arsenal.

Instead of following the highly clichéd norm of returning your character to a weaker, unequipped state (a la the Metroid Prime,  God of War, Megaman, and Sly Cooper series to name a few), Rocksteady has confirmed a statement that not only will Batman enter Arkham City with the complete arsenal he possessed from the first game, but he also won’t be stripped of his gear and forced to reacquire it all.

Furthermore, during the 18 month hiatus between the two titles, apparently Batman spent some time retooling his equipment gathered from the asylum to better suit the new environment. No sense leaving it back in the cave, eh Bruce?