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PlayStation Now Serving Customers Across the Twitterverse with @AskPlayStation

March 9, 2011Written by Steven Garcia

Face it, customer service in this country sucks. It’s bad enough to experience some type of issue with your product, but to be punished with an endless phone tree lacking the option to connect you with a real live person is definitely not what the founding fathers had in mind. But rest assured, Seeker of Answers, Sony’s got your back.

As of today, SCEA is now inviting users to direct their questions on over to @AskPlayStation. The advantages of this are threefold: It’s fun, easy, and satisfies your Twitter addiction. Also, as an added bonus, questions are even addressed in real-time depending on the time of day! Head on past the break for a full breakdown of when this particular window is open for business.

@AskPlayStation is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:30AM and 5:00PM PST with real-time responses delivered between 2PM and 5PM PST.

Be warned, however, that if you’re looking for a solution to getting you’re jailbroken PS3 unbanned from the PSN, you might want to look elsewhere.