Sony Fans Rejoice: Sony Wins LG Court Case

March 10, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

With LG seizing 300,000 PS3s and planning to seize another 180,000, demanding up to $350 million and a ban on PS3 sales in The Netherlands, today marked one of the most important court cases in Sony’s long history as a technology company. Thankfully, it now looks like Sony has won the first battle against LG, not only defeating the company, but receiving reimbursement.

Dutch site reports that Sony has won the summary proceedings and that LG will be made to pay €130,000 for the cost of the court case and €200,000 every day until all the 300,000 PS3s are returned. This has been corroborated by Florian Mueller:

It’s definitely true that Sony won over LG, an independent source just confirmed it to me!

This only covers the seizure of the PS3s, so LG still could possibly win a case against Sony for patent infringements at a later date, with the company probably set to continue asking for $350 Million.