Homefront Gets New Multiplayer Trailer

March 14, 2011Written by Zak Islam

It was recently unveiled — much to gamers (and first-person shooter fans in particular) despair — that THQ and Kaos Studios forthcoming shooter, Homefront, would be only 5 hours long in regards to the shooter’s campaigngn length. However, publisher THQ has also put a heavy emphasis on the game’s multiplayer component and are confident it will be a contender with the Call of Dutys and Medal of Honors of the industry. Now, they’ve released another multiplayer trailer for Homefront, just in time for the game’s release.

The latest trailer for Homefront — entitled the Bomb-Dropping multiplayer trailer — shows off what players can expect from the game’s online mode. There’s certainly a diversity in multiplayer; as we saw in the last trailer it will boast tanks, an array of guns, bonuses for carrying out a specific amount of kills, etc.

Check out the Bomb-Dropping multiplayer trailer for Homefront below.

Homefront will be released tomorrow in the US.