Lose Yourself in Reverie with Castlevania

March 15, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Castlevania: Lord of Shadow‘s first DLC, Reverie, has finally unveiled a release date, and a trailer with screen shots are along for the ride.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow made a complete reboot to the franchise late last year, and received widely mixed reactions from fans everywhere. The game ditched many of the franchises root elements, but in doing so introduced one of the best 3D entries of the series. It brought fun gameplay by borrowing mechanics from other successful action adventure games, and using them with a style of its own. It also brought us one of the best video game endings of last year, leaving many hungering for more. After many months, and a slight delay, the first DLC pack that will follow up on that fantastic conclusion is almost here.

After defeating Carmilla, Gabriel has left empty space where the control of dark powers used to be, and now some powerful demon is preparing to step into to take that place. An unlikely ally, Carmilla’s former servant Laura, demands that Gabriel assist her in defeating the new foe. On March 30th, we’ll get to see what we’re up against, and just what this means for Gabriel and his struggle, at the price of $10.99. Another DLC packed entitled Resurrection is also in the works, so while this will continue the adventure, it won’t be the end either. Will you be slipping into Reverie later this month?