Prey 2 Continues Through the Portal

March 15, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

You might remember the unique sci-fi first-person shooter that released back in 2006 called Prey. The game was populated with gravity-defying exploration, mind-twisting puzzles, and a bizarre plot, but unfortunately no PlayStation platform hosted the title. A rumor shot around the web yesterday revealing that Prey 2 is in development, and while many simply labeled it erroneous, it was correct after all.

Bethesda Softworks has confirmed that Prey 2 is currently under development by Human Head Studios, the team that made the original just a few years ago. More importantly, the game will run on id Software’s latest engine, id Tech 5, which only Prey 2, Doom 4, and Rage are known to use. So far Rage has made the id Tech 5 engine very appealing, and mixed with the physics and effect heavy nature of Prey, the title could turn out to be something worth talking about.

Prey 2 is aiming for a release in 2012.