Voice Actor Seemingly Confirms Grand Theft Auto V

March 21, 2011Written by Zak Islam

For the past few months the yet-to-be-announced Grand Theft Auto V has been hinted at several times in the form of tweets and job listings. Grand Theft Auto IV has, to date, sold more than an astonishing 20 million units alone, so it would only be common sense for Rockstar to be working on a successor to capitalize on the series’ phenomenal success yet again. Although the acclaimed developer has not spoken a word on the title, a tweet from a voice actor has seemingly confirmed the game’s existence.

American actor and comedian Gilbert Gottfried gave Grand Theft Auto fans delight when he recently tweeted:

just found out I’m voicing the lead in grand theft auto 5!

The tweet, however, has since been removed but was seen via the eagle-eyed folks over on The Noble Eskimo. Shortly after the tweet was taken down, the site proceeded to contact Rockstar North for any clarification on Gottfried’s involvement in the game. The developer failed to give any meaningful response; however, they did provide the with an image of a poster from a movie entitled Problem Child, a 1990 film which Gottfried played a part in.

It’s a well know fact that Grand Theft Auto V is being produced. It’s just a matter of how far along the game is in development and when Rockstar finally comes out and announces the game.