DICE Considering 3D And Move Support For Battlefield 3

March 22, 2011Written by Zak Islam

Sony has done a great job pushing 3D technology and PlayStation Move support among their vast library of upcoming exclusive games. However, the list of third party 3D or Move compatible games is still rather small. This list may be set to grow just a little bit more, with Electronic Arts saying that DICE’s hotly anticipated shooter, Battlefield 3, may feature 3D and PlayStation Move support.

DICE’s boss Karl Magnus Troedsson told OPM that they we seriously considering:

We are thinking about it, yes, definitely.

Art Director Gustav Tilleby added:

Of course we look at what the others are doing. At the same time, we’re looking at what we can improve. I think the technology we have is a step beyond what the others have.

Battlefield 3 is currently scheduled for a launch this fall on multiple platforms.