Gorgeous Trine 2 Alluring Adventure Trailer Shows New Gameplay

March 22, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Frozenbyte announced late last year that they were producing a sequel to their hit puzzle platforming game, Trine, and the release of a new trailer shows they’re on the right track.

For those who may have missed it back in 2009, Trine is a platforming adventure involving three unlikely heroes on a quest to restore order in their beautiful but ravaged world, as it is torn apart by the undead and dark forces. After touching a mysterious magical object, the three are bound together until the completion of their quest. As a result, players could switch between any of the three characters on the fly with a tap of any shoulder button, forming the core mechanic which sets the game apart from others in the genre. The final game won several awards for good reason, and so it’s exciting to see that the sequel is being treated with the same level of high quality.

Trine 2 was originally slated to release this spring, but in an effort to deliver the highest quality game possible it has been pushed back to Summer 2011. Considering the new game mechanics we can see in the trailer, especially with the water flow manipulation, a little more polish could never be a bad thing. The wizard definitely has a few new tricks up his sleeve, and the power house knight has some slick new combat moves to even the odds against bigger foes. Time will tell what new secrets the rogue hides, but it’s doubtful that she’ll disappoint. Trine 2 is also introducing online play, which should please those who missed it in the original.

Are you excited for another adventure with the unlikely, but lovable, heroes of the Trine? Let us know in the comments below?