Disgaea 4 Brings you More Bang for Less Bucks Dood!

March 23, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Disgaea 4 still has plenty of time before it releases this summer in the states, but that hasn’t stopped NIS America from getting us all pumped. No we are not talking about pumped because of how awesome it will be, though it will be. We are talking about the price which comes in at a very cool $50, 10 bones cheaper than almost every game releasing right now. This is great news for gamers out there who will be trying their hardest to fit all these games into their budgets.

Disgaea 4 promises weeks and months of playability with tons of character classes, great characters, and one of the zaniest stories this side of the Underworld. It released February 24th in Japan to respectable sales and looks to make its Prinny splash this Summer in North America.