Catherine and Katherine Show Their News Bits

March 24, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Atlus puzzle-adventure game Catherine came out in Japan in February, and a summer release awaits North America. Now, two new bits of news have emerged. The first is that Akira Kawakami, under direction of Kadokawa Games, will be writing a Catherine novel. The book will follow the game’s story, though it’s unclear exactly which path it will take, as there are different events and endings in Catherine. Perhaps one purpose of this book is to settle the official story? Little else is known outside of its May 20 release date and 735 yen price tag.

In other Catherine news, some rumors have been settled, as Siliconera has confirmed that actress Michelle Ruff will be doing the English voice acting of Katherine, not to be confused with the other leading lady Catherine, who will be played by Laura Bailey. Fans may know Ruff from such titles as Persona 3 (as Yukari Takeba), Street Fighter IV (as Crimson Viper), and Disgaea 2 (as Etna). She said to the site:

Yes, I can confirm that I’m indeed playing Katherine in the new Catherine videogame


It’s fine to release that information to the digital streets. It’s accurate!

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