Possible Leaked Mortal Kombat Roster Image is Certified Badass

March 28, 2011Written by Zak Islam

Ever since Mortal Kombat‘s announcement, the series’ fans has been teased on a monthly basis with snippets of info on which characters will be included in the fighter. Various leaks have appeared in recent weeks in regards to the full roster list for Mortal Kombat. However, they were all proven to be fake. Now, though, another leaked roster for the game looks much more believable.

The image, found via a NeoGAF poster, shows the following characters:

Scorpion – Liu Kang – Kung Lao – Sub-Zero

Sindel – Ermac – Reptile – Kitana

Johnny Cage – Jade – Mileena – Nightwolf

Cyrax – Noob Saibot – Smoke – Sektor

Sonya – Jax – Kano – Stryker

Shang Tsung – Baraka – Kabal – Raiden

Extras/DLC – Sheeva – Quan Chi – Extras/DLC“Cyber Sub-Zero” and Kratos seem to be on the Extras/DLC slot.

Mortal Kombat is currently scheduled for a release on April 19th.