FIFA 12 Gameplay Details Incoming, Confirmed For NGP

April 5, 2011Written by Zak Islam

EA Sports’ hugely successful FIFA series has been going from strength to strength with every yearly installment that is released. FIFA 10 sold an accumulative of over 10 million copies while its successor, FIFA 11, matched the phenomenal feat. And now they’re about to do it again with FIFA 12, which just so happens to have some new gameplay details will be coming next month. Also, the game’s development for Sony’s Next Generation Portable has been confirmed.

Next month’s issue of OXM promises a full reveal for the umpteenth installment in the FIFA series.

Additionally, an EA employee’s profile has revealed, firstly, that the developer is working on the NGP as well as showing that FIFA 12 is currently in development for Sony’s portable console. Juan José Galera Pérez, Localization Software Engineer II at Electronic Arts, revealed via his Linkedin profile: