New Burnout Title Spotted, Billboards Everywhere Cringe

April 6, 2011Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Criterion Games‘ last entry in their long-running Burnout series of reckless racers was Burnout Paradise, released in 2008 (though supported well through 2009 with updates). The developer took a detour and developed Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and it looks like they may finally be ready to return to their revered flagship franchise.

The Australian Classification website, which assigns ratings to various forms of entertainment, recently posted their rating for a game dubbed Burnout Crash. Neither Electronic Arts nor Criterion Games have announced this game, however this is a very strong indicator that the developer has enough of a product together that the classification board was able to give it a PG rating. Stay connected with PlayStation LifeStyle for more on this game as the information is released.