Angry Birds Is “PSN’s Most Downloaded Game”

April 11, 2011Written by Zak Islam

Rovio’s Angry Birds took the mobile gaming platform by storm. After flourishing in terms of sales ever since its launch (it’s received over 100 million downloads) its developer decided to bring the game over to the PS3 and PSP. Angry Birds released as a PlayStation minis title back in January, 2011, and has since become the most downloaded game on the PSN.

Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian revealed the news via a statement detailing the PlayStation Network’s success to IndustryGamers:

Online continues to ramp on PSN. The PSN currently has 75M registered accounts WW (half of which are in NA), with over 1.4B pieces of content downloaded since launch. PSN appears to be gaining traction tapping into the casual and social gaming market with titles such as Angry Birds which is the most downloaded game through the PSN (it was launched in January 2011). PSN is also seeing good success with freemium/microtransaction models

Angry Birds was initially released on the PlayStation Network for $3.99 and recently dropped to $1.99 – more expensive than the $0.99 iOS version, and the free, ad-supported Android version.

Have you picked up Angry Birds on the PlayStation Network yet? Are you surprised by its success on the PS3/PSP despite being more expensive than mobile phone versions? Voice your thoughts via the comment section below.