inFamous 2 Screens & Footage Shows Massive Boss, More

April 13, 2011Written by Zak Islam

As we approach the highly anticipated release date for inFamous 2, Sucker Punch has consistently been treating fans to new media. Today’s no different as the developer has released a new batch of screenshots, as well as footage showcasing one of the sequel’s monsters, enemy types and much more.

The PlayStation Blog gave an insight on the monster as well as new enemy types shown in the two new videos which can be viewed below:

First, a battle with the monster we call The Behemoth. If you remember way way back to our E3 demos last year, we hinted at the existence of this monster…Well, here’s your chance to see him! As far as inFAMOUS 2 goes, he’s one of the most important enemies we’ve built. We showed an early version of him at our very first greenlight meetings back in December 2009. Seems like a long time ago!

Second, we’ll show a mission called Forced Conduits. If you’ve been following along closely, you know that Conduits are people who are candidates to become super powered. But in this mission, we find out that someone has figured out how to somehow force ordinary people to become conduits… An interesting development in the narrative of inFAMOUS 2!

The intriguing mission editor tool feature is also displayed in the footage. Check the videos out below as well as the new screenshots.

inFamous 2, meanwhile, is scheduled for a launch on June 7th in North America. A European release date has yet to be confirmed.