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White Knight Chronicles II Trophies Revealed

April 16, 2011 Written by Heath Hindman

Expected to be released later this year in North America, here’s a trophy list for Level-5 and D3 Publisher’s online PS3 RPG, White Knight Chronicles II. Here we go:

Bronze Satchel: Spend a total of 100,000 guilder

Letter of Thanks: Rid one person of his/her worries.

Bronze Plaque: Proof of completing a monster-slaying quest.

Bronze Star: Learn one entire set of skills.

Rare Dabbler: Collect a rare piece of equipment.

Toadstone: Stone presented to beginning binders.

Bronze Medal: Medal presented to rookie adventurers.

Mercenary’s Badge: Complete a quest with an S rank.

The Chronicles: Ancient stone tablet recovered from a ruin.

Light and Dark Awakening: “Mark of Those Who Do Their defy their enemies.”


Gold Satchel: Spend a total of 10,000,000 guilder.

Silver Plaque: Proof of completing 20 monster-slaying quests.

Rare Collector: Collect 20 pieces of rare equipment.

Anura’s Ruby: Gemstone presented “competent” binders.

Silver Medal: Medal presented to seasoned adventurers.

Professional’s Badge: Complete 50 quests with an S rank


Royal Certificate of Appreciation: Rid 150 people of their Worries.

Gold Plaque: Proof of completing 40 monster-slaying quests.

Gold Star: Learn 8 sets of skills.

Rare Maniac: Collect 50 rare pieces of equipment.

Phibianacci’s Diamond: Stone presented to outstanding binders.

Gold Medal: Medal presented to legendary adventurers.

Perfectionist’s Badge: Complete 100 quests with an S rank.

Soul of Evil: Proof of having destroyed the Hakaishin


Platinum Crown – A crown reserved for one who is perfect in Every Regard

D3 Publisher recently revealed that every copy of this sequel would include the original, packed onto a single Blu-ray. See our previous coverage for more info and media on this game.