Portal 2’s Single Player Transports You for 10 Hours

April 18, 2011Written by Max Murray

The original Portal made us fall in love, and not as some side effect from the mind-blowing twists and turns flying out of walls, but because of the flawless implementation of a brand new game mechanic paired with the humorously dark existence as a test subject in GLaDOS’ twisted world. Originally included only as a side project from Valve when bundled with the rest of the Orange Box, we couldn’t help but feel teased and craving more. It’s time to set your worries aside for the sequel, as a first hand report has confirmed that your feelings will be toyed with no longer.

A report has come through from the folks at thesixthaxis that puts the time to complete the main single-player campaign between 10 and 11 hours.¬†Participants of Aperture’s original experimental run will remember the complete time frame for the game was around 3 hours, which makes Valve’s claim that the sequel would be 2-3 times longer a reality.

But there is plenty more life in the game than just this afternoon marathon you’ll inevitably participate in; Portal 2 has a fully fledged co-op campaign that features all original levels separate from the single player.

The wait is over tomorrow when¬†Portal 2 drops into retail stores everywhere. If you’re thinking about getting it, don’t toil any longer as Amazon is offering it for $5 off, and with an outstanding $20 credit for any future purchase. Seriously, why are you still reading this?