Trailer Shows L.A. Noire is More Than Just Animations and Mysteries

April 22, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

L.A. Noire has been a popular topic of discussion for the past few months, and you’ve likely heard that it’s a game composed of realistic presentation and mystery solving, but it’s more than that. The game also includes a ranking system to keep you working toward a goal, game-changing choices, violent combat with a variety of weapons, intriguing interrogations, and more. All of these elements culminate to provide a driven narrative with plenty of options. Perhaps the best way to explain it would be with a video, and thankfully Rockstar has provided a new trailer called “Rising Through the Ranks” which does just that.

The video below is made entirely using in-game footage of L.A. Noire, so be impressed:

L.A Noire is coming on May 17th in North America, and May 20th in Europe. We recently found out that the PlayStation 3 version will include an exclusive mission, so look out for the PS3 edition soon!