New PlayStation 3 Model Planned, Limitless Possibilities

April 27, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

The PlayStation 3 has evolved in significant ways since it released back in 2006. We’ve seen the console lose some weight, increase power efficiency, and even up its security. Although its been half a decade since it debuted, Sony is still continuing to improve its proven hardware, and the latest FCC filings prove just that.

The FCC filings page reveals that a new model of PlayStation 3 has been approved for release. There are two variations, one identified as CECH-3001A, while the other as CECH-3001B. This will mark the first major number shift since Sony released the slim version of the PlayStation 3 in late 2009.

Investigation of several documents on the site reveals nothing in the way of what it’ll change about the currently existing 160GB and 320GB models, but we can at least conclude that there will at least continue to be two models offered due to the two separate model letters. Could this upcoming switch bring improved security to combat the prevalent hacking that’s continued to beckon Sony’s development team? Or maybe there are minor hardware changes to coincide with a pending price drop. The PS3 has been offered with several free titles, and even $50 gift cards at several retailers, so an eventual price drop is undeniable.

What do you think the new PlayStation 3 model will offer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.