New Twisted Metal Footage Incoming

April 28, 2011Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Twisted Metal is finally making its way over to the PlayStation 3 this October. If you’re jonseing for anything new related to this upcoming destructive racer, we’ve got your fix in the form of some new footage after the break.

Thanks to some recently-released footage over at Scrawlfx, we have two B-Roll videos to share with you. For those who may not know, B-Roll is typically filler material for coverage of a game (or other form of entertainment/product) featuring various shots of the product in question. In this case, we have footage of the “Arena” area, where we see helicopters and rising floors, and a level involving a Semi truck that acts as a control point a team is trying to destroy. Enjoy the footage below! Twisted Metal is currently set for an October 4th release date.