Portal 2 Gets Cheap: The Price is Not A Lie [Update]

May 1, 2011 Written by Allen Tyson

Valve’s release of Portal 2 has become one of the most highly-rated and critically acclaimed PS3 titles so far this year. If the story, Steam feature set, and gameplay weren’t enough to make you add it to your library then perhaps this will: a price reduction.

[Update] Portal 2 is also available as’s Deal of the Day for the low price of $34.99 and is eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping. So if you don’t have a Kmart near you, or prefer to do your shopping at Amazon, we suggest you act now (the deal is for today only, and ends in only a few hours).

[Original] At PSLS we love great deals as much as we love great games. Sadly, those two things don’t always go together…but this time they do. Josh Deane , Director of Merchandise Strategy – Entertainment (Sears Holdings Corporation)—aka KmartGamer—has been relentless over the past year to get gamers AAA titles at an affordable price. And he’s done it again with the newly released Portal 2.

Kmart is offering Portal 2 for $34.99 from now until 5/7. And if you don’t have a Kmart immediately near you, no worries. With a little social engineering (ok, price matching but social engineering sounds cooler) you should be able to get it for the same price at Walmart and Best Buy. And when the PSN finally does return, expect to see our own Paulmichael Contreras playing online—we haven’t seen him since it launched.