Prepare to Conquer the Ark in Brink

May 1, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Brink releases in about two weeks, and Splash Damage wants you to be prepared for battle when it arrives, so they’ve released a couple handy videos for your learning pleasure.

Some folks say that “Knowing is half the battle”, and in many instances that philosophy has proven true. Therefore it would be SMART to watch the following videos, which detail Brink‘s gameplay, character classes, objectives, modes, and equipment. It’s all laid out in tutorial format while being narrated by one of the most unexciting voices ever, but what is shown and described looks like it adds up to great multiplayer gaming.

That may have been a lot to take in at once, especially without the chance to get to try it all out right away and really drill the information in. However, the incredible slew of options shown should have you excited to customize your own characters to suit your playing style, and gear up to take over the Ark for your side of the war. Luckily for anyone who’s pumped for the class based shooter, the release date has been bumped up to May 10th in North America, and May 13th in Europe. With a new parkour style movement system called SMART, class based character customization, and a single player campaign integrated seamlessly with multiplayer gameplay, Brink is more than just another shooter on the market. Let there be no doubt we’ll be playing it, and giving you the heads up on if it was worth the wait. Are you excited to jump into Brink and fight for control of the Ark?