Sony Confirms the Obvious; PSN Milestones Were Buffered for Shock Value

May 2, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

It wasn’t long ago that Sony confidently revealed that there are over well over 60 million PlayStation Network accounts, a number that rivals anyone and anything in the industry. Many weren’t fooled by the milestone, and instantly identified that it includes all accounts ever created, even those which are inactive or used as double accounts to access regional content and more. Now Sony has confirmed that the rightfully suspicious intuition was correct.

During the long-awaited Sony press conference regarding the status of the PlayStation Network yesterday, Kaz Hirai shared a fact that was previously all but confirmed. When speaking about the number of consumers affected by the recent catastrophe, Hirai stated:

The number of registered accounts is 78 million, but let me add to these words. There’s such a thing as duality where some users create multiple account, so in terms of how many INDIVIDUALS are affected, we surmise that less than 78 million are affected. But for data, it’s 78 million potentially.

This comes as no surprise, as most companies buffer numbers to add shock value. This will surely soften the impression made when even larger milestones are announced. Is Sony in the wrong for doing it as well? Share your response below.