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Big Three To Attend Retail Meeting

May 11, 2011Written by Ray Conley

The puppy you see above is very important and definitely related to the news we are about to share with you. If you’re interested in what you might be seeing at retail this summer from Sony (or love the cute and cuddly) read on to find out more.

A retailer, known as Games Maya, has revealed a schedule of meetings that will be in attendance by the major game giants: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Also on that list is Sega. Sony will be first up to bat as their meet up with Games Maya will happen on May 11th.

Why is this retail meeting important? Usually, after these retail meetings (especially from Games Maya), major announcements will sometimes – if not most times – leak out to the public. One news that we can possibly expect to hear (and maybe even confirm) is the anticipated price drop of Sony’s flagship console, which is definitely good karma for anyone still holding out for a can’t-be-beat deal.

We’ll be sure to keep an ear to the ground and see if any leaks spring out with good details for any of you looking to spend some summer cash.

Oh yeah, that adorable puppy. How is it related? Well, Games Maya’s website felt the announcement of their scheduled meetings had to be accompanied by the puppy header. If they felt that the pup and their announcement shared symbiotic meaning, then by-golly, I certainly don’t want to take it out of context and ruin journalism credibility.

… and maybe I just like puppies.