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Capcom Prints Money, Announces Fiscal Year-End Results

May 16, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Game development and publisher juggernaut Capcom has just announced its financial results for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2011. Despite a lot of software sales in Japan taking a huge hit in Japan due to the Tohoku Earthquake and subsequent tsunami, the company set a new record for total sales in a fiscal year.

From the company’s official statement:

That’s over 97 billion yen in total sales, or about 1.2 billion US dollars. In the fiscal year just before this one, the company came away with 67 billion yen in that column, so this last year has been phenomenal for Capcom. The company released a statement that explains that its sales and earnings were “much higher mainly because of strong sales of major titles in Consumer Online Games business.”

Capcom estimates it lost 294 million yen due to the aforementioned disaster in Northeast Japan and about 1.5 billion in business reorganization. About 105 million of that is directly attributed to Capcom’s own buildings and property needing work and maintenance in the wake of the disaster.

Upcoming Capcom games sure to give the company another shot in the arm include Street Fighter X Tekken, Mega Man Legends 3, and several Resident Evil titles, among others.

Square Enix, on the other hand, recently announced huge losses, painting a much less rosy future for the Japanese publisher.