New Catherine Trailer Beckons, “Are You Committed?”

May 17, 2011Written by Mitchell Sellar

From the same company that brought us the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series comes the upcoming action-cdventure RPG title Catherine. Atlus USA has released a new trailer for the game that features video submissions from fans excited for the title’s upcoming release. Last month, as you may recall, Atlus asked fans to film their video responses to a few questions regarding love and the idea of marriage. Those responses make up the first minute of the new trailer, but those interested only in the game itself are then treated to thirty seconds of footage from the game complete with english voice acting.

See for yourself, “Are You Commited?”:


Atlus USA is bringing the game overseas from Japan and is not shying away from the type of risque elements that sometimes see a game destined to never depart the island nation. Catherine’s box art raised some eyebrows upon its release prompting a post on Atlus’ Japanese blog devoted to Catherine that loosely translated stated:

Gather your family before they see the packaging and deepen their understanding of Catherine. “Catherine is a fantastic Action-Adventure/RPG game with adult themes, it is not an erotic/pornographic game”.

Currently Catherine is set for North American release on July 26th 2011 and will offer a Deluxe Edition titled ‘Love is Over’ which will contain the interesting bonuses of a t-shirt, boxer shorts, a Catherine pillow case and a pizza box… oh, and also a copy of the game. Whether ordering the Standard or Delexe edition gamers pre-ordering Catherine will also receive a soundtrack CD and full color art book.