Resistance 3 Box Art Revealed, Aims To Try Something New

May 18, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

If you speak to most analysts, technology gurus or media providers, they’ll agree on one thing – digital distribution is the future. No going out to buy a game, no paying an unnecessary retailer and no messy game boxes. But Insomniac Games have proved just why a large group of people want boxes to stay, after unveiling the Resistance 3 box art.

Partnering with Olly Moss, “a talented British artist”, Insomniac revealed the North American and European box art on the PlayStation Blog. A Chimeran Skull with the New York skyline shown as its teeth with a red background is rather different from the general “man posing with a gun” style of most first person shooters.

The Resistance developers “worked closely with Olly” to ensure that their idea of a Chimera-occupied 1957 was correctly portrayed. In an alternate version of the art, Joesph Capelli’s journey across the ravaged US to New York City is shown:

Insomniac were keen to emphasise that in Resistance 3 the army and SRPA have been destroyed, and that the game focuses on what is left of mankind desperately trying to to survive.

What do you think of the different style of box art? Should more games experiment with different art styles, or do you prefer the usual look of title’s cases?