Sony’s Welcome Back Package Could Hurt New Game Sales, Says Dev

May 20, 2011Written by Ray Conley

Many PSN users are itching to get their hands on Sony’s free Welcome Back package when the PlayStation Store is looking to make its resurrection this month. While the PlayStation founders may have been financially crippled by the disastrous PSN breach, they are forecasting further financial setbacks with their latest PSN grab-bag marketing.

One developer of the PSN hit Dead Nation, fears that free giveaways may steal the spotlight from some of newer titles that are set to release around the same time. Dead Nation‘s CEO, Ilari Kuittinen fears that their newest PSN title Outland will be “old news.”

The issue is that everyone now gets games for free, so people might just play the free games for a while. By the time they are ready to buy something, Outland is maybe old news.

Aside from that possible situation, it’s possible that many other titles will be feeling the same gamer neglect from the PSN freebies. Because of the PSN Store outage, many titles scheduled for release have been backlogged and are expected to be posted in four bi-weekly releases.

An unnamed source shared his sympathy for the devs of the backlogged content:

As a developer, I feel very sorry for those teams that did try to release their titles during the PSN outage window.

Beyond that, I feel sorry for those that are attempting to launch games in the days following the outage, as there will likely be such a backlog of traffic that it may be hard to be noticed in the flurry of ‘get everything back up and running’

Under Siege’s producer, Filipe Pina, shared his concerns, but also expressed some optimism in their upcoming title.

We are all concerned with the overall situation but we think that despite all the delays and the multiple releases Under Siege will still stand out on its own.