Carmageddon Domain Updated, Reveal Presumably Coming

May 22, 2011Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Now here’s some news from a franchise we haven’t heard about in a long time. If you have fond nostalgia whenever you hear the name Carmageddon, that’s fitting – the last entry in the controversial vehicular combat series was in late 2000. But it looks like the series may be ready to get taken out of the garage and into the public light once more.

If you venture out to, a domain registered by Driving Game IP Ltd, you will be greeted by a JavaScript countdown timer. It is set to expire on June 1st, which is only a few days before E3 2011 begins. According to a source quoted over at VG247, the game will be announced before the show, but will not be showcased there. The IP rights have “been negotiated away from Square,” and the evidence of the domain registrant not being related to Square Enix fits in line with that statement. The game was originally developed by Stainless Games. Apparently they allowed the IP to go into Square’s hands, and Stainless Games may not have taken it back. This leaves the developer of the rumored game unconfirmed.

So could this be a return to the series in the form of a PSN/XBLA HD remake? A full-on console game? Or will it be something a bit more low-key, such as a mobile entry? We’ll keep our eyes peeled and let loose any new developments on this story as we come across it.