PlayStation Network Now Back Online, Maintenance Over

May 24, 2011Written by Zak Islam

After stating that the PlayStation Store won’t be up today or tomorrow, Sony also announced scheduled maintenance for the PlayStation Network for today. The PSN has now come back online.

The official Sony PlayStation Twitter account just tweeted:

The PSN maintenance window is now complete and you can now sign back into PSN. Happy gaming!

Earlier, Sony stated that – contrary to “popular rumors” – the PlayStation Store won’t be going online today, or even tomorrow. As of now, Sony only promises a store return of before the end of the month. Prior to Sony’s update on the PlayStation Store’s return schedule, a report of a memo Sony had emailed to PSN developers suggested that the Store would finally be making its return today.

With the maintenance complete, however, it may mean that the final stages of the restoration process are almost finished.

Are you eager to download the Welcome Back packages’ games from the PlayStation Store? If so, which two PlayStation 3 games will you choose upon the Store’s return? Let us know via the comment section below.