Battlefield 3 to Carry a Boatload of Foul Language

May 27, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Electronic Arts has had a strong hand in the first-person shooter market for the past decade with its Battlefield series. Part of its excellence has come from the war-replicating audio that has brought the war experience to life. It’s only natural that this quality carries over to the upcoming title, Battlefield 3.

Tomas Danko, the voice over producer over at DICE, has given us some insight into the audio coming in Battlefield 3 via his Twitter account. In terms of sheer density, Tomas had the following shocker to share:

No FPS ever had this large amount of VO variations for Multi Play, not even close. Over 300 for the “Man down” event alone

But what about content? Tomas commented:

BF3 has more explicit words than BC2 I’m afraid. SP and MP.

So basically lots of audio and cursing, just what the doctor ordered. Foul language can be fitting at times, but hopefully it takes notes from Killzone 2, where it was abused.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has become a hot topic since it was announced earlier in the month, and it’s fair to say that both of these titles will bout head-to-head in typical BF vs COD fashion. Which do you think will be the better buy? Post your response below.