Tomb Raider Getting Mind-Blowing Pre-E3 Reveal

May 28, 2011Written by Ray Conley

With E3 only days away, news starts to heat up from developers as they try to win your attention over the next few weeks. With that said, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are already revving their engines to set the pre-E3 hype in motion for their hotly-anticipated reboot of the dual-wielding, sexy brunette in the turquoise tee.

This Thursday June 2nd at 10PM PST, the development team will be spinning a new reel of a “world exclusive reveal” trailer for their upcoming Tomb Raider Origins. Any fans looking to be teased by the new Lara Croft will have to hop on over to the game’s official website to see the all-CGI trailer. For now, all we can show you are two screenshots from the teaser which show some clues as to what our frail heroine will be facing in this new installment.

Can’t wait that long? Then perhaps any of you Facebook users can push the devs to release an early sneak-peek of the trailer if you can push their Facebook page to 100,000 “Likes.”

Be sure to check back with us during E3 week, and we’ll be sure to let you know our impressions when we check out the new Tomb Raider on the show floor.