Sony Responds to PSN Going Down Again

May 29, 2011Written by Zak Islam

The PlayStation Network suddenly went down earlier today, and Sony has responded to the reports of users not being able to sign in, as well as also delivering some advice on the matter.

Sony’s EU PlayStation Community Team staff member, Yaster, just tweeted:

PSN is experiencing a couple of issues with sign in right now, looking into it, in the meantime don’t sign out!

Yaster then said to a user asking if it won’t be too long till the PSN is back:

I shouldn’t imagine, but I dont know for definite. All I know is that engineers are looking into it.

MusterBuster, meanwhile – another member of the EU PlayStation Community Team – confirmed the sudden PSN errors and to refer to Yaster for updates:

Looks like PSN issues. @Yaster is escalating.

PlayStation Network users around the world have been reporting that they cannot sign in to PSN and we can confirm that this is indeed the case; if you try to sign in to the PSN now it will come up with an error which says:

An error has occurred. You have been signed out of the PlayStation Network. (80710092).

UPDATE: Sony has now said the PlayStation Network is back online. Yaster confirmed the news of the service resuming on his Twitter account.

The cause of the temporary downtime is unknown yet to Yaster, but he did ensure he’ll update users if he finds out anything interesting.