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Amazon Kicks Off Handheld Gaming Sale; Tons of RPGs

August 15, 2011 Written by Anthony Severino

Summer is almost over, and most people are trying to squeeze out one more vacation before Labor Day hits. That means long road trips or boring flights. But time will go by a little bit faster if you bring your PSP, and take advantage of this all-handheld gaming sale that just kicked off on Amazon.

Right now, Amazon is offering massive discounts on select handheld titles for both the PSP, DS, and 3DS. This sale could just as easily be called a handheld RPG sale, as most, if not all, of the stand-out titles are hit RPGs on the PSP. Games like Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, Ys Seven, Valkyria Chronicles, and Tactics Ogre.

Even if you aren’t traveling, the Summer game drought is always a good time to pick up some older titles you may have missed. No word as to when this sale will end, so act now.

If only the Vita was available…