Sony to Shock and Awe with 320GB PS3 inFamous 2 Bundle at $299

August 17, 2011 Written by Anthony Severino

The PlayStation 3 is the best value console, dollar for dollar, on the market. Even more so that the price was just dropped across all models and regions. So how is it that Sony is packing even more value into their upcoming 320GB PlayStation 3 bundle? With a very shocking addition.

A new 320GB PlayStation 3 bundle has appeared for pre-order on that features a copy of PS3 exclusive, Sucker Punch developed inFamous 2. Along with the copy of inFamous 2, there’s also a voucher for a free 30-day trial of PlayStation Plus. All this for $299.

Sony hasn’t announced this bundle officially, so no release date is available. However, you can pre-order it for the time being at the $299 price. We’ll update you as soon as this new bundle becomes official.

Thanks, DarKnighT_0_9!