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Dragon Age 3 Will “Surprise and Delight” Fans

September 1, 2011Written by Josh Lewis

Dragon Age 3 hasn’t even been officially announced, but that hasn’t stopped BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka from expressing his enthusiasm that the third entry in the series will be the best yet. Apparently, the sequel will take the best elements from Origins, and combine them with the more casual aspects of Dragon Age 2. In other words, Dragon Age 3 has the potential to be one of the biggest RPGs this generation.

Speaking in regards to utilizing the best aspects of both former Dragon Age games, Muzka told CVG:

I think the team are going to have some things that will surprise and delight both set of fans – our core fans and our new fans – with a marriage, best of breed from both games, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. We’ll look forward to talking more about that.

Muzka also spoke about how Bioware is utilizing fan feedback:

One of our core values at BioWare is humility and that means we take feedback really seriously. We know that the core fans who were expecting more Dragon Age: Origins [from the sequel] – we have to listen to them. We have to respond to that.

He continued:

We’re not going to ignore it. We’re going to take that head-on. But we also have an obligation to our new fans, the ones who we surprised and delighted with some new approaches, accessibility and intense action combat. What we need to do as a developer is take the feedback from both sets of fans to heart and see about marrying that in the future games in the Dragon Age franchise

Dragon Age: Origins was a great reintroduction of a classic genre, and fans have expressed disappointment with the removal of many important elements in it’s sequel. Hopefully, Dragon Age 3 can put the series back on the map, and retain some of the more traditional RPG qualities that made the first so spectacular.