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The Action Heats Up In New Uncharted 3 Footage

September 1, 2011Written by Josh Lewis

Naughty Dog initially showed the cargo plane scene of Uncharted 3 at gamescom, leaving Drake in quite a predicament, as he was tossed outside the plane and left dangling by a cargo net. Today, you can see exactly what happens to him. Sony has released new gameplay, which shows part two of of that same scene.

The action picks up right where the first footage left off. After Nathan Drake brawls it out with a rather large henchmen, he is still left hanging for dear life outside the plane, which is now on fire and crumbling to pieces. Armed with his trusty machine gun, Drake mows down the remaining opposition with relative ease. However, in traditional Uncharted fashion, one victory quickly transitions into potential disaster. You can check out the video below:

Nathan Drake seems to be left in an even worse situation this time around. Eager fans will have to wait until Uncharted 3 officially launches on November 1st to find out where the story picks up.