OPM Rumors Indicate RE6 Debut at TGS, PS3 Exclusive FPS by EA

September 2, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

The latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine is chock-full of all sorts of juicy rumors including a Resident Evil 6 debut at the Tokyo Game Show as well as an all-new first-person shooter developed from the ground up for the PS3 by the guys at Electronic Arts.

In addition, speculation regarding the future of first-person shooter developer Crytek is hinted at in addition to a new Valve game. Check out the full list of rumors below:

  • EA has been staffing up to launch a new PS3 exclusive FPS.
  • One of the US’s best-loved sports games will finally get a UK release next year.
  • Tokyo Game Show will see the announcement of Resident Evil 6.
  • Crysis 2 developer Crytek is working on a new shooter franchise.
  • Monkey News! Enslaved is far from dead with Namco currently exploring sequel possibilities. Chimpanzee that!
  • Dante’s at his peak – the first three Devil May Cry games will be released as an HD Collection.
  • Portals GLaDOS is lending her vocal talents to a new game on the way from Valve.

While none of this information has actually been confirmed (they are rumors after all) a new shooter franchise from Crytek was spotted on a job listing, a developer’s LinkedIn profile did hint at a PS3 exclusive FPS from EA and GLaDOS did say she was working on a new game. Plus, with the supposed Resident Evil 6 leak from Comic-Con, a TGS announcement is worth betting on.