Batman’s Garage is Empty in Arkham City

September 3, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

The Batmobile is perhaps one of the most easily identifiable vehicles of all time and, with its jet-turbine engine and ability to drive upside-down in tunnels, it is Batman’s preferred way of getting around. It only makes sense that it should be in the biggest Batman video game of all time… or does it?

Rocksteady’s Marketing Game Manager, Dax Ginn, was recently asked about whether or not the Batmobile would make an appearance in the upcoming Batman: Arkham City, to which he responded:

It ain’t a driving game, is the short answer. You’ve seen the work we’ve put into the gliding system and that works just fine for moving the character around the city.

Ginn then explained that the team wants the title to be a pure action game, with no fluff:

…the moment you put Batman in a car, it becomes an entirely different kind of game. So there are no vehicles in the game whatsoever.

Batman: Arkham Asylum similarly had no vehicles, but Arkham City is said to have much larger areas to explore. Grappling from building to building is pretty fun and effective, but it sure would be cool to drive around Arkham in the slick Batmobile. Oh well, maybe next time.