Resistance 3 Survival DLC Set to Arrive Next Month

September 6, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

Insomniac’s third installment in the Resistance series launched today in the US to quite a bit of critical acclaim. Those who already have plopped down their $59.99 on this sci-fi shooter will be pleased to know that DLC is already on the way.

That’s right, according to Sony, the first wave of content, dubbed the “Survival DLC pack” is set to arrive next month for the affordable price of $3.99. The content is said to include “a brand new multiplayer Invasion mode which challenges humans and Chimera to capture and hold multiple control points for as long as possible.”

In addition, a static XMB theme as well as a multiplayer skin sporting the Survival aesthetic will be included. For a measly four bucks, there is no reason why any Resistance fan should pass this content up when it arrives on the PSN October 4th.

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