Driver: San Francisco Uplay Passport Takes Long Drive on Short Pier

September 7, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

Videogame publishers consider the used game market and piracy as a major hinderance to the industry, and are always looking for new ways to reduce their impact. EA Sports and Ubisoft are the first companies to introduce an online pass code that must be entered to play online. The code will be included with all new copies of the game, and anyone who picks up a used copy will have to pay a fee to get a new code. Ubisoft’s first game to implement online pass was Driver: San Francisco…or at least was supposed to.

Ubisoft’s online pass system, called Uplay Passport, was planned to launch with Driver: San Francisco, but it turns out several copies of the game were launched with bogus codes. In response, Ubisoft has decided to scrap the $9.99 fee for Uplay Passport and provide free online play for everyone. Ubisoft released these directions on how to activate online play if you got a bad code with your copy of the game,

There are two ways to access these online features: 1. Select Start My 2-Day Free Trial, which will not expire, OR 2. Select Purchase Uplay Passport, which will be provided at no charge. Either option will unlock the 11 multiplayer modes and the Film Director feature on console titles with Uplay Passport.

Of course, if gamers decide to pick up the game used they will be able to follow the directions above and play online for free. The Uplay Passport system has already received some harsh criticism from the community, and this car crash of a failure is sure to hurt implementation of the system.