Dark Souls Prologue Trailer Shows Skyrim Isn’t the Only Game That Can Do Dragons

September 8, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

Mark another month off your calendar as we approach the release of Dark Souls. Gamers counting down the days can bide their time by watching a series of prologue videos being released by From Software. The first prologue video detailed the genesis of the world of the Dark Souls, which is a land filled with ash and stone trees. The second part of the prologue showed four powerful demons that rise from the darkness and form powerful armies. The third part of the prologue has just released and, if you thought the four demons were only going to build sand castles out of ash, then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

In the video, the four demons do battle with a race of dragons and end up killing every single dragon. The land is still a desolate desert of ash, so the demons might want to find some workers to decorate the place. It might be that the magic that is present in Dark Souls is derived from these four demons. One wields fire, one wields a lighting power, one spreads death and plague, and the last one is said to betray his own kind. In Dark Souls, the ability to invade other people’s games is considered its own kind of magic, so that is what the last demon could be referring to. Check out the video below and stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for part four of the prologue.