Sony to Make Vita Announcements at Pre-TGS Conference

September 8, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

On September 14th, the day following Nintendo’s 3DS product announcement event, Sony will be holding a pre-Tokyo Game Show conference of their own, which is expected to be heavily focused on the PlayStation Vita.

Sony still hasn’t shared the actually launch date for the Vita in Japan, so we’ll almost certainly get some solid info on that front. Here’s to hoping gamers outside of Japan will get at least a more specific release window for the PSV as well.

In addition, expect to hear about a whole bunch of brand new games, as Sony will be bringing nearly 20 unknown titles to the show. So those who are worried that the Vita is not going to have a solid library of games can relax. With an already stellar launch lineup on top of a slew of new and exciting games, there’s little doubt that the Vita will make quite a splash that this year’s Tokyo Game Show.