Play God This September with From Dust

September 9, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Have you ever desired to play the role of God and control the lives of a primitive tribe in a world that is ever evolving? If you find yourself saying yes to that question, then you might want to pay attention, as Ubisoft has announced that From Dust, will be releasing on the PlayStation Network at the end of September.

In From Dust, players control The Breath, a mysterious power that is used by the tribe in its battle against nature and all its forces. Players must use this power to help regain the knowledge of the tribes ancestors, fighting against natural elements to regain it. These natural elements will include erupting volcano’s and tidal waves, so it should be one crazy job.

Created by Eric Chahi, From Dust will be releasing on September 27th in North America for $14.99. Will you be picking up the game when it releases and, if so, do you think you would play a good God?