West & Zampella’s $125 million Court Case Against Activision Gets Dated

September 9, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

Former Infinity Ward heads Jason West and Vincent Zampella fell out with Activision last year, with the pair believing that the publisher owed them a whopping $125 million in unpaid royalties from Modern Warfare 2 sales and contractual rights to the Modern Warfare brand. Now founders of Respawn Entertainment, the duo are working on an unannounced title for EA, but are still eager to take Activision to the cleaners.

The court date has now been officially set on May 7th, 2012 – just one month before E3 – and will be instrumental in deciding the fate of one of Activision’s biggest brands. Activision fired the developers for illegally consorting with EA in March 2010, and has counter-sued the pair and EA for $400 million. A date has not been set for the counter-suit.

While Respawn’s upcoming game has yet to be announced, it is important to note that the developer will retain the rights to their IP, rather than EA.