Whoever Said Consoles Can’t Run Crysis Should See These Gorgeous Screenshots

September 10, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

In case you haven’t heard, Crysis is coming to the PlayStation 3 next month. Now we have the screenshots to show just how good-looking it’ll be on Sony’s cell processor.

When Crysis was released in 2007, no computer was capable of running it on Ultra settings. Since then, it has regularly been used as a benchmark for gaming PCs, and a quick look at the below screenshots reveals why. To put it simply, Crysis is a beautiful game, not only because of the quality of its shaders and lighting effects, but how it’s able to create a beautiful tropical island in the most realistic way imaginable. See for yourself:

It appears that the conversion to console has been successful, although it was something many thought would be impossible without compromising its gorgeous visuals. Almost as impressive is its pricetag, which will be $19.99 on launch day, and although the game will be download-only, chances are people won’t mind once they see that one of the best PC exclusives this generation is now finally available, and with trophies too!